X-Men #3

X-Men #3Cover Date: January 1964

Plot Overview: Professor X interrupts the current training session when he senses a new mutant in the world. He sends the X-Men out to find him before the evil mutants can.

Cyclops finds the Blob at a local carnival as one of the sideshow attractions. The Blob can not be moved when he plants his feet and bullets can’t penetrate his skin. After the show, Cyclops approaches him about becoming an X-Man. The Blob initially declines until he gets a look at Jean Grey. He decides to humor them and go back to the school for some testing.

At the school, Professor X determines that the Blob has a sort of mental control over his skin and that’s where his powers come from. He offers the Blob a place in the X-Men and the Blob declines. With the identity of the X-Men now in peril, the Prof orders the X-Men to capture the Blob so that he can wipe his mind. The Blob fights his way out of the school and makes his escape.

Back at the carnival, the Blob takes over and plots to take over Xavier’s school. The Angel spies on their meeting and then escapes when discovered. The Angel warns the Professor of the attack and the assault begins while he’s rounding up the X-Men.

The X-Men are hopelessly outnumbered but they manage to hold off the Blob and his army until the Professor is able to wipe all of their minds. The Blob and his gang all return to the carnival. The issue ends musing about how long the mind wipe will work on a mutant like the Blob.Giraffex-men

My Take: This issue was a pretty enjoyable read. The Blob was a fun antagonist and the battle at the end was pretty enjoyable. The book had some good energy going on this month. You really got a good feeling of the internal rivalries going on with this team. Jean is the only girl on the team so everyone is competing for her attention.

I felt like the characters really came alive in this issue. Cyclops was grim and a stick in the mud, Beast is the wordsmith, Iceman is a good and Warren is arrogant. The way they interact with each other has also become interesting. It feels natural and realistic to a degree. Jean Grey still seems to lack some development though.

The endgame to this issue felt a lot like X-Men #2. The X-Men face off with the gang of the villain and hold the fort until the Professor can mind wipe the bad guy. Speaking of which, wow the Professor X pulls the mind wipe card really quickly in these issues. We’re 3 issues in and he’s already done it to 2 people with more sure to come.

The X-Men came off pretty stupid in this issue. Professor X really never anticipated being turned down by a fellow mutant? Really? That seems like that would be the first subject that someone would think of. Well, at least I would.

The art was really good in this issue. Jack Kirby is still doing art on the book and I think it’s making a big impact on how memorable these early issues are. The art in this book is on par with the best Marvel has to offer currently.

I give this *** out of *****.

Notes: This issue features the first appearance of the Blob. He will remain a pretty consistent foe of the X-Men throughout the years. He’ll usually be a part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants or some other kind of villain team more often than not. I would safely classify the Blob as a B level villains. He’s appeared in movies and has consistently been in video games, trading cards and cartoons. If you know anything about the X-Men, then you most likely know the Blob.

This issue features the really creepy panel where Professor X admits to having a crush on Jean Grey. It never comes up again until the Onslaught saga in the 1990s but it’s a popular trivia question. But it’s probably a guy in his late 40s lusting after a 16-18 year old girl.ProfessorX-love-jean-grey

This is also the first time they refer to Cyclops by the name of Scott Summers. Before this issue they had been referring to him as slim.

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